By Will Estell
Here are a few more questions and answers that didn’t make the print version of the Beaches, Resorts & Parks magazine article, but fans will enjoy just the same. 

What was your life before Duck Dynasty like?

Korie: I used to play in a tennis league with mom. Willie would drive his tractor, and work in the front yard.

Willie: We could go out in public.

Korie: It was just, life.

Do you think any of your five children like the camera enough to choose a career in show buisness, after Duck Dynasty?

Korie: I think so. Our kids have really become natural in front of the camera, and they seem to have fun doing it.

Willie: At first they weren't used to it, and they had a tendency to stare at the camera. I mean we were used to it, because of the hunting videos and the outdoor shows, but now they are comfortable with it. And, that’s all you can really ask. Just to be yourself, and act normal.
They'll have a lot of opportunities, but if they choose to do something simple, that's fine too. I'm not a dad who’s got it all planned out for them. I didn't have it that way, either. They'll do it their way. I made mistakes, they will too, but they know I'm here for them.

You already told me you two have been married for 22 years, and that’s quite a success story, but how has the show and the popularity, work load, and travel associated with it affected your marriage?

Willie: We're together a lot for work, and it can be stressful when making decisions about the business. Sometimes I just like to have time by myself to process stuff. It's not that I don't want to talk with Korie, or anyone else, about it. I just don't want to talk at all sometimes.

Korie: We don't argue over the little stuff.  I just try to let Willie be who he is and do things he loves to do. We learned in premarital counseling never to use words like never or always in an argument. It puts the other person on the defensive, and it's not really true.

We know even the best of couples have little quirks that make the other one crazy at times. Korie, what's the one habit that Willie has, that you'd say is his worst?

Korie: He loves to scare me. He'll hide and jump out at me, and I will scream.

Between the two of you, who is the tougher parent?

Korie: Willie is, for sure. I used to say, "Wait till your dad gets home!"

Willie: [laughs] I'm okay bringing down the hammer.
As some of you already know, Willie Robertson was an executive producer on the faith based film, God's Not Dead, that he and Korie also had a role in. The film did very well, and seems to have boosted Willie’s desire to pursue the film business, beyond their current show.

The newest project that Willie is involved in, Left Behind opens on October 3rd, starring Nicolas Cage and Jordin Sparks. Left Behind is a Christian based apocalyptic action-thriller. Left Behind is a big screen adaptation of the New York Times best-selling book series of the same name, by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. If it’s anything like, well, pretty much everything else that Willie and Korie Robertson have touched in recent years, It too is sure to be a success. I’d say you can count on seeing more and more of this couple as time goes on, both with their current show and future projects.
For more of Willie, Korie, and the Robertson family tune in weekly to A&E’s Duck Dynasty, as well as its successful spinoff, Duck Commander: Before the Dynasty.


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