A Letter From The Editor

Falling For Fall, In The Land Of Sun And Sand

Beach vacations have become as synonymous with spring and summer as cold weather and coats are with winter. What the most discerning of beach lovers know, however, is that the best time of year to sneak away to paradise is during the beautiful fall months. This is particularly the case when it comes to the beaches of the Northwest Florida and Alabama Gulf Coast. Maybe it’s because the crowds of summer have largely dissipated, and the weather is still warm --now with a comfortable coastal breeze taking place of the scorching heat of summer. It could even be because the best resorts and rental companies offer drastic discounts from their peak season rates, or more likely than any one reason, it may be all of these; often coupled with the fact that everyone, including you, needs to get away, clear their mind, and unwind way before that next summer vacation. I’m not saying a fall weekend of sun and sand will fix everything, but I’m betting it sure will go a long way in rectifying many things.  

Answering your particular coastal calling is where Beaches, Resorts & Parks can help. Millions of men, women, couples and families flock to these beautiful Gulf Coast beaches each year, and with that number increasing at a rapid pace, many of these continue to discover the white-sand beaches and clear emerald waters throughout the seasons. Clearly no end is in sight as to when these Southern tides will lessen their magnetic draw, saving some tourists for the rest of the country. We’re even trying to do our part by promoting some other favorite Southern towns as part of our “Great Fall Getaways” in this very issue.

You may have picked up this copy because you saw Duck Dynasty’s Willie and Korie Robertson on the cover. That’s a great reason, as they are long time vacationers of the Alabama Gulf Coast themselves. I hope you enjoy my interview with them as much as I relished the opportunity to spend time with the famous duo. Make no mistake though, the primary reason for grabbing and reading any issue of Beaches, Resorts & Parks is to plan your ideal beach getaway, whatever season you may be traveling in.

Whether you purchased this copy of Beaches, Resorts & Parks at a bookstore in Atlanta or Dallas, a grocery newsstand in Nashville or Los Angeles, a coffee shop in Charlotte, or grabbed one of our tens of thousands of free copies available to those already vacationing along the coastal escapes of Alabama and Northwest Florida, one thing is for sure; you now have a plethora of insightful information and informative options to help you plan the perfect fall getaway. The rest is up to you. 

Here’s to a great fall!

- Will

Will Estell,
Founder  |  Editor-in-Chief