Redbird Art Experience: Making Your Emerald Coast Getaway A Work of Art to Remember for a Lifetime

By Amy Estell

You’ve been to beach, hit the outlets, tried the best restaurants and essentially taken in all of what Florida’s Emerald Coast has to offer and then some. Now you’re searching for that just right item of beach vacation memorabilia to take back to realityville. Whether you’re a first time visitor to these shores, or it’s a yearly tradition that simply keeps getting better, I’ve got the ideal place for that ideal keepsake that beats any shirt, shell, wind chime or framed print. Something so personal and perfect that it will almost magically take you back to the beach every time you see it on your living room wall. Welcome to Redbird Art Experience. Destin Florida’s working art shop where you become your own artist and the pieces of your masterpiece are already there. All that’s missing is you!

Redbird Art Experience is a truly unique concept in coastal art, where you are the artist. The only limitations are your own creativity and personal touch. Bring that along and you’ll be right at home in this imagination station of epic proportions.

You’ll know you’re in a special place when you enter Redbird Art Experience, centrally located in the heard of Destin. The inspirational studio is an eclectic space full of interesting pieces on display and for sale, but even moreover Redbird is full of integral pieces that will make up your own interpretation of the collision between creation and vacation. With blank canvases disguised as everything from windowpanes to rustic interior doors to wood boards and more, there are plenty of blank slates available to create your own special signature piece, whether by you, with friends or a significant other or your entire family. As an added benefit there’s also a Kids Corner where the younger artists among us can make their own works at the same time you’re making your own creation.

One of their specialty mediums is broken glass, which along with buttons, pieces of tile remnants, and other trinkets of all shapes and sizes, make up some beautiful pieces of coastal art. Want to make a wave pattern on an old farmhouse window? You can do it at Redbird. In fact this magazine’s founder and editor, Will Estell, and I did, and it turned out great! Don’t take my word for it though, you can see the photo and judge for yourself. Better yet, head to Redbird and create a masterpiece of your own. Owner and resident artist, Robin Cannon is the talented brainchild and artistic force behind this great place and she’s there to help you as much, or as little, as you need while making your own special piece of vacation memorabilia. The day we visited there were tourists who had come as far away as Seaside and Panama City Beach, and another staying near Navarre. It’s well worth the drive from just about anywhere along Northwest Florida’s Gulf, as it’s one souvenir that you and your family are sure to treasure for a lifetime… and I’m betting your first Redbird Art Experience visit won’t be your last one.

Redbird Art Experience is located at 2001 Ninety Eight Palms Blvd, Suite 103 in Destin. They’re open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information, call 850-865-7943 or visit them on Facebook at TheRedbirdArtExperience

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